Greeting someone you have nothing better to say to. Usually occurs 0-30 minutes from waking up.
(Entering the kitchen to find your: Roommate, spouse, cat, etc)
by Terence Michael July 14, 2003
Belly Over Hang. when you have too much gut and too tight pants.
'check out the ginormous boh on that chick'
by HM December 17, 2003
Shorthand for "Bag Over Head" which refers to a girl with a hot body but an ugly face.
Guy 1: Damn, look at that ass! And those tits.... daaaaayyyyyuuummmmm!

Guy 2: Woah shit, she got some buck-ass teeth, man, and a lazy eye!

Guy 1: Oh, she's a BOH, just put a brown paper bag over her head.

Guy 1 and 2: Hehehehehehehehehe.....
by Wal-Mart Security June 17, 2005

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