boh! means YAY or OMG or wow0wowoo00wow. there is a significant correlation betwixt boh! and the drum and bass community
boh! my selextor!
by tendo April 20, 2004
It's an italian espression used when someone is given to reply to a question but doesn't know the answer.
- What are you gonna do tonight, fuckbucket ?

· boh.
by wallen July 05, 2003
BAG OF HORMONES: an ems word used to describe someone who called 911 for absolutely nothing. Usually someone who is emotionally unstable and highly hormonal. This applies to both males and females.
Did you run any good calls today?
No, just a BOH.
by youcoulddriveyourself February 03, 2010
from the gagging sound made upon vomiting, used to refer to something exceedingly disgusting
"Who would you rather....Jennifer Lopez missing one arm with a raging yeast infection and feces smeared on her forehead....or your own mother?"

"Boh dude. Neither."
by Amanda March 22, 2005
meaning that something is really stupid, NOT to be confused with doh
"Tom just put the wrong end of the disk into the computer"
by Rob Kenton January 12, 2005
BOH - Back of House
refered to in the live sound production industries.
the house mixer is positioned in the back of the house to view the entire stage for a better mix.
Tom was running the BOH mixer while Will covered the monitor mixes.
by mikolajzach July 06, 2008
The best fucking beer in Saskatchewan
This Boh is going down like water.

Can I have a Boh please?
by Jerrad July 30, 2003
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