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The internet acronym for "biting my tongue." Usually used when a person wants to say something that might be offensive but instead says nothing to avoid conflict.
Person 1: Did you hear Evan is talking to Alyssa again?
Person 2: Are you serious? BMT!
by Staig June 11, 2011
An abbreviation for Big Man Ting commonly used by kidz on facebook
by URBANDEFINE! June 02, 2010
BMT is an abbreviation for Black Man's Timing allows for an African/Caribbean to arrive later to a destination than was previously agreeed. This time could be either of the following; fifteen minutes or an hour.

Any time after this is just plain late.
Ahanna: What time are we meeting on Friday?

Johnny: 7 pm, but for you i'll take into account BMT so make that 6pm.
by Wastecredit manager July 26, 2009
Bob Marley Time...to smoke an uncontrollable amount of fresno's finest marijuana.
yo yo yo! Before we play madden lets B.M.T fool!
by xBOOGIE MANx October 22, 2009
I always thought a BMT was a bacon-mayo-tomato sandwich. It used to stand for Brooklyn-Manhattan Transit and it seems to be the reason to name the sub that way. Now at the Subway restaurants they say it stands for Biggest, Meatiest and Tastiest. One of the attendants told me it would be the name of 3 boroughs, which only makes sense if you call Bronx "The Bronx". It makes me wonder what a hell on earth would be a BLT...
- Please, can you give me an Italian BMT with a B for BACON instead of BROOKLYN?
by Lila C. October 02, 2008
I just finished my Airforce BMT. I only had to run two miles in 18 minutes.
by Mr. Jefferson November 10, 2005
Acronym for "biting my thumb". Most commonly used in the playwrite Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare. Used as an insult similar to "smh" (shaking my head).
A)"Omg I can't believe I just said that!"
B)"I can't believe you either. BMT, man."
by emillionaireeex0 March 20, 2011