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"Brush My Teeth" used in instant messaging to friends etc...
I'll brb, gotta go BMT
by Lee Ludtke September 09, 2008
6 31
Abbreviation for 'before my time'. Usually used to let someone know that they're living in the past. That whatever they are talking about was 'before my time'
Steve, "Wow, that new U2 album is almost as good as their first one!"

Bob, "First U2 album? Dude, that way BMT..."
by CWw June 12, 2008
9 34
I worked at Subway, and I was told that it stood for "Baltimore Mass Transit".

"Bigger, Meatier, Tastier" certainly doesn't apply, considering there's a specific designated method to lay the paper-thin meat slices across the bread so it covers the length...
The 12" BMT has six pieces of pepperoni, six pieces of salami, and two pieces of ham. The 6" has three slices of pepperoni, three pieces of salami, and one piece of ham. You may enjoy watching your Sandwich Artist count out the meat slices now.
by Phil June 30, 2004
28 54
Bowel Movement (on) Titties: The act of defecating on a woman's breasts prior to, or during the act of sexual intercourse. See Cleveland Steamer.

This acronym is particularly useful in mixed company, or in public.

The phrase developed in a Salt Lake City, UT Subway restaurant when trying to express the attractiveness of one of the cashiers, while not trying to use the phrase "she is so hot, I'd shit on her chest" in public. One of the sandwiches being ordered at the time was the Italian BMT, and the acronym seemed appropriate and was put into use.
Man, she is so hot I would *totally* BMT on her.
by mrmcderm November 14, 2007
76 104