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Acronym for "biting my thumb". Most commonly used in the playwrite Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare. Used as an insult similar to "smh" (shaking my head).
A)"Omg I can't believe I just said that!"
B)"I can't believe you either. BMT, man."
by emillionaireeex0 March 20, 2011
When a Black Dealer is late to arrive on time
dealer on phone: ill be there in ten minutes.
Fred: How long is he going to be?
Dave: He says ten minutes but on BMT that should multiply to about half an hour.
by buzzman290 August 03, 2007
Bmt: abbreviation for Beaumont as in Beaumont, Texas and also the acronym which stands for Big Money Texas which is used to describe the city.
Girl: Hi, my name is Tiffany im from Arlington, Texas but people down here call it Agg-Town. Where are you from?

Boy: Im from Bmt

Girl:What's that?

Boy: It stands for Big Money Texas. That's what we call our town Beaumont, Texas.
by Keenan Frank June 04, 2007
Brooklyn Manhattan Transit Corporation (1923-1940) - later known as the BMT Division of the New York City Subway System after the city took over the subways in 1940. Consists of the lines where the N/R/W run in Manhattan, and the M, J, Z, Q, D, R, B and N lines run in Brooklyn and Queens.
Take the BMT train to Queensborough Plaza.
by JimP October 11, 2005
Abbreviation for 'Blow My Tuba,' an alternative to the term 'smh.'
They were choding around so hard... bmt, man.
by monsieur tubester May 13, 2011
Black Man Taliban. A black guy wearing white pajamas from head to toe, sandals and a kufi hat yelling gibberish noises as if to enunciate the noises made by the terrorist group the Taliban.
A random guy runs around in the mall dressed like above and is probably high or mischievous.

Random person:"That guy over there is dressed weirdly."
all of a sudden *Clap* "HULLALALALALALALALALA!"
*Man comes running
Bystander: "He's the BMT."
Random person: WHAT?! I thought that was just a sandwich?"
Bystander: "Not anymore. It's the Black Man Taliban."
by Merkalos August 15, 2010
Basic military training.
My boyfriend is on the Air Force BMT.
by gAba684 January 21, 2009