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Acronym for Big Gay Tom. When a bachelor gets engaged and can no longer pull chicks out of dive bars because he is in a 'real' relationship now, he is officially a BGT. When a drinkin buddy goes BGT he is no longer a wingman.
We were at chilly palmers bar but my buddy wouldn't take the fat friend because he is BGT now. She wants to hook up, you going to take her home or you going to be BGT tonight?
by Brian Davis July 12, 2006
Britain's Got Talent
"Gregg, I can't go out im watching BGT"
by Pete501 May 30, 2009
Black Girl Time. When your running later than Black People Time
"ok I'll meet you on half an hour"

*4 hours later*

"BGT - I'm on my way"
by NaijaBarbieDoll January 02, 2013
Best Guy Time
Yeah, no girls allowed, it's BGT!
by someoneelse22 March 28, 2011
BGT is a acryonym for Big Ghetto Titty.
That hot woman I saw has BGT's, omfg, she is teh pawnage.
by One Winged Angel January 10, 2005
British Gothic Tradition
During BGT, im going to pawn BRi7x
by GJ January 03, 2005

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