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getting owned like a pawn in a game, usually an online video game.
dude, that was total pawnage
by definerX April 07, 2007
This "word" is used occasionally by extreme n00bs. This is because it is not a word. N00bs tend to think that this word originated from the game of chess, and somehow compares the skills of the victim of this exclamation to those of a pawn.

The word they are probably thinking of is pwnage (pone-ij or own-ij), which originated from a typo of the word owned, and has nothing to do with such n00bish hobbies as chess.
N00b: Dude, that's some serious pawnage!

haxx0r: Dude, you fucktard, its pwnage.
by covertEntity December 14, 2005

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