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by Gj September 30, 2003
n. - One who, in an online gaming environment, takes far greater interest in ruining others' experiences instead of keeping to his own. Snerts are often, but not exclusively, n00bs.

v. - To commit an action normally associated with the behavior of a snert. Most commonly seen as 'snerted'.

(adj. snertish, adv. snertishly)
Noun: "My server has a strict 'no snert' policy."
Verb: "He snerted his PK score past 1000!"
Adjective: "Snertish behavior will not be tolerated."
by GJ July 03, 2003
A hot sexy woman and queen of pokemon / typesetting, she pawns the world of pokemon. This character is known to like various items varying from strapons to teh cawk. She also hates lam0rs and l33chers. Watch out or be pawned by her 31137 powah.
I just love teh Sunain, she is so hot, sexy, and gorgeous.
by GJ January 10, 2005
a person who gets cigarittes for someone to young to buy their own.
Where is my elephant? I really need a smoke.
by GJ October 28, 2004
Stinking Toe
Welshy is a stinking Toe, his pic denotes that.
by GJ December 09, 2003
when WVU center Kevin Pittsnogle is getting oral and he "ejaculates" all over the giver's face
WVU center Kevin Pittsnogle "you been pittsnogled bitch!"
by gj April 19, 2005
A person that whines and complains excessively; a compulsively hateful person; a person with extremely bad taste; a person that will spam message boards with hateful complaints about things he doesn't like and attempt to start flame wars about these topics.
A message board troll is often a Slither.
by GJ March 05, 2004
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