Slang for Baby Dink, a severe case where your personality reflects the size of your dick
Hey tablet, hows that cream treating your BD?
by NTEN April 05, 2006
Bomb Dome another way of saying head
Dude Danielle gave me the BEST BD last night
by Tireena May 25, 2005
term to describe one who caries a crotch monster in his pants..... a BIG DICK
Hey Tokay, are u gonna sit around beating your BD all day?
by FIZZ March 16, 2005
The abbreviation "bd" comes from the Age of Empires II Clan Highly Evolved. The word refers to a "ball dropper".

Argh, you bd so hard.

Confucious say, "Those who bd, also enjoy gay sex."

stfu. bd.
by Michael January 21, 2005
BD stands for Big Dick now this is a a.k.a for FrankenMaggie who had a BD.
WHOA, FrankenMaggie had a BD!

I don't have a BD.
by ASOBFAN June 29, 2004
bustdown, bitch,hoe, slut
they girl over there she a bd. Lets get up on dat,kid
by Wesley Wilson February 07, 2004
1. Battle Duck
2. Battle Dome
1. Lorenzo the Chia used his BD on May's Lupe named Kenny.
by Neopian November 06, 2003

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