quicker way of saying "butch-dyke," a term used to describe a female with strong lesbian attributes.
"That girl Valerie is such a BD...we should rename her Vajayjay."
by D-Chim September 11, 2007
Bad Duck, Something that is the coolest. someone or something that is more than bad ass!
I shaved off all my facial hair except for my mustache. I am BD!

I saw this midget get hit by a go-cart and it was BD.

This guy was so BD he was wearing a Tommy Hilfiger shirt.
by Brandon Vanbeekom, Danny Moore September 11, 2007
Abbreviation for Black Dick, or blackdick. Closely related to DD, or Daddy's Dick.
Bob:Go wash the floor.
Jim:Make me!
Bob:Ill slap your face with my BD.
Jim:BD in my face?
by Bach tard August 30, 2007
A boston dweller....someone who lives in boston and dwells the city..
They call me the BD because im always in boston
by STRAMS July 24, 2006
bustdown, bitch,hoe, slut
they girl over there she a bd. Lets get up on dat,kid
by Wesley Wilson February 07, 2004
To be sexualy ambiguous yet vaugly attractive. Much like PJ Harvey, Robert Smith, and Sarah Jessica Parker, you feel kind of gay masturbating to them, but you hope you are not.
home boy 1: I met this girl at the club and she was so hot.

home boy 2: Yo, dat girl was a hommie, man!

home boy 1: Aw shit nigga, she's jus BD, thats all.
by Buddy Dobbs November 18, 2005
One who has an abnormally large genitalia....
Hey BD, get off the couch quit wanking that crotch monster
by FIZZ March 16, 2005
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