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An abbreviation of British Born Confused Desis.

This is an accusatory and derogatory term aimed at British born second- and third-generation Asians, who are open minded about what constitutes their identity and do not seek to align their values and interests with what are perceived to be typically Desi, e.g. listening to Bhangra music, watching Bollywood movies, waxing lyrical about Cricket matches.

Ironically, it is not the so-called BBCDs, who are confused, it is the ones levelling the accusation, who find it confusing that people can not just follow one 'culture', but have the gall to make their own choices about how to live their lives.
That Mohan doesn't even know his own roots, he's listening to Radiohead, such a BBCD!
by Creative Crumble May 02, 2010
British Born Confused Desis........... Confused about their identity as British still look down at them as pakis and indians/pakistani usually refer them as NRI/OPs respectively
BBCDs has got nowhere to go......... They are caught in middle.Poor guys
by Hard indian facts November 12, 2006

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