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BAFF = Bare Ass Face Fart
The worst possible fart, only thing that can make this worse is if you "shart" along with it.
Last night when we had our huge party, Timmer passed out early, so I gave him a BAFF.
by Herf69 May 28, 2008
22 17
v. t. & i. The act of thwacking a recipient (usu. female) around the face with a semi-erect schlong, ideally post-spaff.
She enjoys a good baffing.
by spaggler April 30, 2004
39 25
to have sexual intercourse
"i baffed that!" "that was a potatesh baff"
by tikiman28 October 07, 2009
15 8
Best Abusive Friend.
Commonly used between baff's J&L.
you can see BAFF's constantly physically and mentally harming one another in the hallways, at their homes, or on the border.
But will foreverly, somehow, stay close friends foreverrr.
"You gave me a concussion!"
"What are baffs for?"
by 3verr May 16, 2008
21 15
shortened version of baffoon, generally used between friends as a mild insult. coined and used mainly in north canterbury, new zealand although not yet a mainstream word.
jake- lasagne topping is mainly cheese ae?
dan- of course it is you baff, try reading a fucking recipe book

dan- walks into door
jake- baff!
by smeggybaff August 03, 2012
2 0
The opposite of a BAMF. A Bad Ass Father Fucker
That girl is one hell of a B.A.F.F
by ShadowX3003 July 19, 2010
4 3
Bored as fu*k times 2!
Dude I was hella baff all damn night!
by Shortshit620 September 02, 2011
3 6