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v. t. & i. The act of thwacking a recipient (usu. female) around the face with a semi-erect schlong, ideally post-spaff.
She enjoys a good baffing.
by spaggler April 30, 2004
A receptacle for spaff, usually a round flat vessel of earthenware or
metal, sometimes having a cover in the form of a shallow funnel with an
opening in the middle.
Lacking any other suitable receptacle when watching Baywatch Nights, we used our upturned female housemate
with her flaps spread as our communal spaffoon.
by spaggler October 14, 2003
Noun and Verb. To haggle until you spaff into the face of your hagglee.

In textbook cases follows the sequence: spaff, baff, haggle, spaggle
I've baffed and haggled but never spaggled. I don't think that would make me spaff
by spaggler April 30, 2004
Predominantly applies to frot in its heterosexual context.

A frot that involves bodily fluids, either male contact with female bodily fluids, or ejection of male fluids caused by the female.
- Did you fuck?
- No but we had a wet frot
by spaggler April 30, 2004
v. t.&i. To vigorously rub ones scrotum up and down or across the face of one's partner.
My chode was itchy so I gave her a good haggling.
by spaggler April 30, 2004

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