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ghetto town where the infamous sammi igo lived and made better with her presence before she moved to the even better town of harvard and corrupted their innocent minds
kid: dude, i live in ayer.
other kid: no way! that trippin gurl sammi igo used to live there
kid: ya man! shes the bro-est ayer homie out there!
by sammi's number one fan May 04, 2011
A other way to spell 'Air'.
'Shawty got a hand in the ayer'
by Marit May 04, 2008
The Ayers were a strong willed people. They were Sioux Indian bred and truly powerful gods. Their colossal penis size scared off enemies and drew in lades with their jiggly tits. In the early 1900's they found the of the queen of the hermaphrodite tribe "falatiaqueer". Soon after this joining of the two genders the hermaphrodites sent out a large tsunami of cum to incinerate the Ayers tribe.

The Ayers were badly bruised after the thick sweaty cum suffocated their tribe. By the 1930's the Ayers conquered. They created a time machine and in doing so went forward in time and cut of Hitler's dick. One of the laymen of the Ayers tribe sucked Hitlers penis blood and died as a result. Each tribeman had to fuck Hitler's dead body until the stretched asshole bled. The Ayers were truly saddened by the death of "Tom" the laymen of their tribe. By the 1950's the Ayers secretly created the Tuberculosis gene, injecting rats which in turn bit and infected humans.

Around the 1980's the last of the Ayers tribe died off and made their last impression by fucking every piece of technology. In today's day and age every piece of technology even those shitty Iphones used by future Ayers families have been fucked in some way by the Ayers tribe.

The the last message sent out by King William Ayers in 1982 was "Beware our people, for technology does not stop us from fucking. Every young man shall take home a young female and fuck her vigorously." -1982 King William Ayers.
What is Ayers?

OH you mean the Ayers tribe. Yeah they killed Hitler and drank his penis blood. Their pretty fucking awesome.
by theepicfinger December 28, 2011
Another way to say "Air"

It was used in Flo Rida - In The Ayer

Oh hot ****, this is my jam
Keep me partying till the a.m.
Y'all don’t understand
Make me throw my hands
In the ayer, ay-ayer, ayer, ay-ayer

by Im Handicap August 31, 2008
"Yesterday" in Spanish. Used as a quick version of Yesterday while texting between spanish or learning spanish friends.
Spanish Guy- "U kno wht i did ayer?"
American Guy- "What the fuck does 'ayer' mean?
by ancost1 July 21, 2010
The space between the top of your head and the ceiling.
The ayer is cloudy because of all the people smoking.
by Whineybrat February 02, 2009
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