he's a dick personality-wise but definetly one of the best singers out there! All you people who say he's a loser or whatever don't know what you're talking about! Sure Axl's got some issues but its impossible to ignore or disrespect his voice!
Dumbass: axl rose is a washed-up excuse for a rocker!
Smart Rocker: Go fuck yourself
by Patty O' Brien December 27, 2006
1) The frontman for Guns N' Roses
2) A total douche bag
3) All of the above
Axl Rose sounds awesome on Appetite For Destruction!

Hey, quit hoggin' the food you Axl Rose!

Axl Rose isn't playing? Let's tear the hell out of this stadium so he has to pay for it. I want my money back.
by Chris 2 The H December 10, 2006
sexiest man every.....that is before all the braids and shit. guns n roses was the best band ever and velvet revolver will never surpass guns n roses because they truly were/are the BEST rock band to ever exist. damn axl is fucking sexy.
damn i think i just had an orgasim
by crystal March 04, 2005
a big Deuchebag, doesn't know when to quit! a shame to guns and roses and music in general, yet the band would not be as good without him
Slash, Duff, Izzy and Matt Should Axl Rose in the ass
by 12345432112345 August 28, 2006
a talentless high pitched skanky looking fag that is in the right place at the right time.
that fart sounded just like axl rose!
by johnny boyz June 03, 2006
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