See. 'Cunt'. Has the biggest ego on the planet and is desperately trying to cling on to former glory instead of moving on like Slash, Duff and Matt.

The Act of being an obnoxious, attention seeking twat in a large room despite having the smallest amount of talent out of anyone there.
'Dude, at that party you were such an Axl'
by James P.H. July 04, 2005
Best rock singer of all time , only Scott Weiland comes close.
Oh my god , Axl Rose sure can belt it out.
by Evan April 30, 2004
A bipolar gingered hair rock god with a temper to match, homosexual tendensies and disrespect for unruly fans who like to videotape him during his live concerts.
gingered haired genuises of the past century
by Jennyfer January 30, 2004
Frontman of Guns and Roses, a band that was cool in the 80s. Axl had a great voice and look for his place and time, but his skeletal frame could easily be beaten up by your 6 year old niece.
He now spends his days shooting up botox and corn-rowing his hair.
"Hey, did you see Axl Rose on VH1?" "Yeah, that was right before he was brutalized by my 6 year old niece."
by ArchFiend May 24, 2005
great singer with great music
but what an ass hole
he also hate bootlegers
axl rose was punched in the face by tommy hilfiger.
axl rose hates people who bootleg at his concerts with cameras, like when he started a riot cuz some guy had a camera and security didnt stop him and he turned into a litle bitch a flipped out and stage dived like a ninja onto the guy and was arrested
the end
by ziggy pop December 22, 2006
a poser, a backstabber, and a crappy singer who sucks
gnr fan: "axl rose rules."

real rocker: "fuck axl! vince neil will kick his ass."
by wildman_21 January 15, 2007
1.adj: one who dances stupid and has a terrible voice.
2.v: the act of dancing stuipd and or sucking at being a front man
1. "that axl rose front man was terrible!"
2. "i cant believe you axl rosed on the stage!"
by Ralph Machio March 06, 2005

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