a "bogan" or lazy response to a question
Q:did u catch many fish today
by brrreeeennndan June 30, 2005
a greating of crazyness or fundamentalisum
awsome james what are you doing?
by Dub "james" schwan November 17, 2002
the process of getting drunk
me and my girlfriend went to this party to get awsome.
by deano November 20, 2004
another word for sick and insane
her tits were awsome!!!!
by awsome has NO E next to W June 11, 2005
the most super freakin well.....awsome thing ito describe somthing no matter what is might be
the was so freakin awesome.......lets do it again
by Sir Taylor of Pants November 03, 2003
That was awsome
by Anonymous November 16, 2002
Mind blowing
That song is awsome. It just makes my heart pound it's so good.
by Chick December 11, 2003

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