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MUCH better executed version of Pocahontas.

kid after watching Pocahontas: OK, that was cool, nothing special


same person after avatar: HOLY SHIT THAT WAS FUCKING AWESOME!
by anonymoose121345 May 13, 2010
An awesome movie involving tall, blue people protecting their home planet; Pandora.
Let's go and watch Avatar again!
by Izx December 20, 2009
adj. 1: The only word that can properly describe and or give any justification to the movie "Avatar." 2: The most superior of adjectives that can possibly describe some thing that is equal to or greater than the movie "Avatar."
1: The movie "Avatar" was just that, avatar. 2: That stunt was so avatar dude!!!
by Potatosaurus May 01, 2010
1. The 2009 film by James Cameron (terminator 2, aliens, titanic) about a paraplegic marine who gets caught in the middle of a war between a mining company and a native alien species (the na'vi) on the moon pandora.

2. an A-fucking-mazing movie!!
Avatar was an amazing move, especially in 3D!
by gooseman2009 January 03, 2010
The best movie. Amazing graphics and very cool, especially in 3D. Lots of blue creatures. Also more expensive to make than the Titanic movie.
"Dude have you seen Avatar yet?!"
"No man but it looks great!"
by Whatkindof namedoIput? December 30, 2009