Top Definition
The act of rubbing a lubed-up cock around the rim of the bumhole prior to anal sex.
Tried a bit of anal with the missus last night, made sure I did plenty of astro gliding before I slipped it up her.
by barbarossa69 July 11, 2011
Verb. Meaning the act of well-lubricated anal sex or a well-lubricated handjob. The polar opposite of dryjack or dryfuck. In terms of anal, usually pertaining to fast, frenzied, and incredibly pleasurable. Never used in the singular.
1. It didn't take long for Matt to reach an incredible, trembling climax while he was furiously astrogliding his lover.
2. Nobody was interested in the fact that Jack was astrogliding to the sound of Angela's voice.
by Miss Necrosis M. Atrophy May 07, 2006
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