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The opposite of fantastic. Bad, undesirable, unpleasant, displeasing, or abhorrent.
That restaurant is asstastic.
by Donnie Ballgame May 21, 2009
A modified form of "fantastic" that injects the word "ass" to reverse the meaning. Asstastic refers to something that sucks or is of poor quality.
Davo: That pizza was asstastic!
Luis: Yeah, holmes, it tasted like bum!
by HugeBreasticle March 18, 2005
A fine fine looking ass
This girl was so asstastic she was worthy of a tossed salad
by onedudeman July 16, 2006
Used to decribe a chick with a big ass. Usually in a good way, but its subjecive, depending on the pronouns used.
Damn, that chick is Ass-tastic! I wanna hit that!


Damn, that nasty chick is Ass-tastic, someone call Jared from the subway commercials.
by Solid July 13, 2005
Slang. A word used to define a really awsome or great time.
Man, that was totally Asstastic!
by Kiamors August 28, 2003
Ghetto ass on a white girl!
That white girl right thurr is ASSTASTIC!
by Brooke January 20, 2004
a fine ass, comprable to an ass, smelling of fudge, pseudo pretty, well dressed, and last but not least "the term used to describe them fine bitches and ho's"
an asstastic ###
by dre June 23, 2003