It just means awesome. Because asses are awesome. Similar to words "sick" or "wicked". And VERY similar to the expression "that's tits".
The lighting in the new Call of Duty is asstastic
by dooderonomy November 18, 2013
1. Adj. Characterized by such out-of-control trashiness it is rendered fabulous.
I have never seen anything more asstastic than when Patsy from Ab Fab lit her cigarette with the London 2012 Olympic torch.
by citimouse July 16, 2012
What you say when you see someone with an ass so nice you just gotta yell something
"She got a fine ass". Tom said
"Damn straight it's asstastic!" Jim answered
by gfja November 12, 2010
When a guy/girl has a glorious backside to the point it makes you stop whatever you are doing just to watch it sway away
I was walking through the mall when through my peripheral I spotted this asstastic chick swaying away and wads mesmerized into a coma!
by Nomolos69 September 07, 2010
Extremely awesome or sexy; amazing beyond normal description; snazzy
"Holy Hell man, that food was ass-tastic!"

"That sex was ass-tastic fo sho!"
by whoa_its_soph April 25, 2010
the description of a great ass on a chick when you see one.
hot damn look at that asstastic chick!!!
by Bein September 02, 2008
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