an ass that's better than an ass
whoa, that ass, is asstastic!

dude what's that mean?

It means that's not a normal ass! ITS BETTER
by kelsxoxogiggles November 12, 2010
An adjective that one exclaims when they see a sexy looking behind.
"Damn!", Rodriguez exclaimed, " That bitch's booty was Ass-tastic!!!"
by Dirtysteamer March 09, 2007
something that is fantastic (usually referring towards the buttox area).
That girl is lookin' asstastic today!
by hallelujiah March 15, 2010
Lame; weak; inferior.
That game was asstastic; damn cheaters.
by Anonymous L-Value October 11, 2002
verb: to be fantastic at being an ass.
Tyrone was being real asstastic at the party when he threw wine on my white dress!
by Shady Toni December 12, 2008
A fantastic (or extreme) amount of being an ass
"Wow, you are really being asstastic today!"
by Courtster May 03, 2008
It just means awesome. Because asses are awesome. Similar to words "sick" or "wicked". And VERY similar to the expression "that's tits".
The lighting in the new Call of Duty is asstastic
by dooderonomy November 18, 2013

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