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Assfro - when the hair on the back of a man's ass is so wild and hairy, it looks like an afro.
Hey honey, it's time to wax your back end again, you are growing an assfro.
by Wildchild68 October 19, 2009
0 1
when your ass hair is so out of control its like a safari and your dingleberries are lions
your assfro has a zoo of animals in it
by faggot May 11, 2003
90 37
Hair or bush that starts from the front of your pussy or cock and ends up coming out the back of your ass. Like a combover.
Man, my girl's ass fro is so hairy she looks like she has Buckwheat in a leg lock.
by Mike Pelon July 04, 2006
32 9
the afro contained between your OTHER cheeks...
"Dude, that guy has a serious assfro in his crack"
by Benjamin James Thomson October 31, 2007
13 1
When an anus is adorned with a large quantity of curly hair.
Tom went down on Miriam with the intention of rimming her beautiful little puckering asshole only to find a stenchous hairy assfro!
by brentionary March 25, 2009
16 5
copious amounts of hair on your ass
Man, I can almost braid your ass-fro, you need to go to the salon and get the back sack and crack special.
by d July 27, 2003
16 5
an unusual amount of pubic hair in the anal region of the female body (any is too damn much so ladies get rid of it)
I was goin low but that hoe was rockin tha I said to myDAMNself stop, no, and dont and then called her a bitch
by makaveli March 22, 2003
17 9
(n.) to have an above normal amount of hair on the glutes
My date was so hot, and after I got down her pants, I discovered a tremendous assfro.
by Matt Holley November 04, 2003
14 7