Hair in or around your asshole
Tom Ciccone likes to cut black mens ass fro using his teeth.
by SAMMYCO October 28, 2008
1. An unusually large amount of curly pubic hair near one's anus, resembling a 'fro.

2. An afro which splits into two, hence resembling a pair of buttocks.
1. "No wonder that stripper doesn't have many customers! She's got a fucking assfro!"

2. I was at the club one night and this total wannabe with a huge assfro tried to pick me up.
by Thora "Trif" Rogers July 14, 2006
Assfro - when the hair on the back of a man's ass is so wild and hairy, it looks like an afro.
Hey honey, it's time to wax your back end again, you are growing an assfro.
by Wildchild68 October 19, 2009
a hairry ass
i have the thickest assfro in the world. anyone up for a hairry ass contest?
by Jay May 10, 2003
The hair on the hair normally in large amounts in te shape of an afro.
Jon really needs to shave his assfro.
by Jon May 09, 2003
the abundant amount of hair on the ass
Dam look at that mother fucker's ass!! he got some assfro going on
by assfro May 01, 2003
insult, ugly
yo u look like an assfro
by Boughetto August 04, 2003

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