1.Sup0r S3xy B34st.
2.An utterly super cool man.
That dude over there is totally Ashen!
by joe June 29, 2003
Top Definition
The pseudonym of a British comedian who reviews knock off gaming sytems, action figures, mp3 players, or any other interesting tat that winds up in his local PoundLand.

He's aquainted with the likes of Chef Excellence, The God Monster of Indian Flats, and The Silver Skull...a pathetic "serial killer" that holds a grudge against him JUST BECAUSE.

He's known for his sarcastic, often random, and sometimes witty comedy that makes his ridiculous and ludicrously implausable line of work seem like something worth doing.

He's the fourth most subscribed YouTube user in the United Kingdom...and that's about all he's accomplished with his life.
Garitt the Pumpkin Wrangler: "Hey, did you see the latest Ashens video?"

Abraham Lincoln: "'Did I see it?' I was there when he filmed it"

Garitt: "W-...what?"

Abe: "Totally worth the $600 plane tickets, and $400 for the six weeks of espionage lessons...and $300 spy kit"
by nickreaper December 09, 2011
The dry condition black folks' skin gets in when they need some lotion.
Dayum I gettin all ashen. I need some Vasaline Intensive Care.
by arrow_keys September 14, 2005
The greatest single metal band from Middletown, Rhode Island.
The ASHEN show last night was fucking sick nigga! or, ASHEN's undefeated!
by Matt January 04, 2005
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