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Australian = Aussie

Arsetralian = Arsie
Arsie : Hey maaaiiiitttee, you wan't some 'Fostaaaaaa'?

Me : No thanks, I'm not a beer guzzler.

Arsie : Why, that's horrible bub.

Me : Fk off croc hunter!!!!
by cROC hUNter125 December 19, 2011
In the same way as "selfie", an "arsie" is when you take a photo of your own butt.
Hey - that big mirror on your wall lets me get a great arsie!
by sham.bles February 15, 2014
Another word for ass.
Fabian: OMG she's such an arsie!
Joanne: the bigges arsie of all!
by Jodilicious October 26, 2009