1. your physical self in reference to getting laid or having mad game. your genitals, clothes, appearance etc. If someone is attractive, sexy, or has huge breasts or cock.

2. the many devices from which to smoke weed. used when a person has several pieces to choose from.
dude 1: yo brah! suzy has got a fine ass!
dude 2: Brah! she's got a mad arsenal.

dazed: hey, i left my pipe at home! what are we gonna smoke with?
confused: don't fret brah! we'll use something from my arsenal.
by zack! April 30, 2007
Your genitals; all parts used on a male body in order to bang a chick
You've got one fine arsenal there my friend
by Andy101 October 29, 2006
A group of awful people, or weapons.
Man 1: Look at that group of wankers.

Man 2: Yeah, what a bunch of weapons.

Man 1: A real arsenal.
by Smilehead May 23, 2006
An English Football team with only two English players on the entire 28-man first team roster. Theo Walcott, one of England's rising stars, is simply a sub for Wnger's United Nations FC.
Arsenal once agian keep Theo Walcott and Justin Hoyte benched. Hoyte did get to play at Sunderland, where he was loaned, to make Arsenal even richer.
by Dude24545 November 24, 2006
A london football team with an extreamly high Chav following, don't even have an englishman as captain, now that ain't right!
What! Theiery Honrey scores another goal! making him arsenal's top scorer, ...........and only scorer!
by David Bayliss July 04, 2006
A London team no where near arsenal and are only reliant on foreign (mainly french players).
Move back down south and get jobed up by millwall you french c**ts.
some punchbag squad content just to get a draw against shrewsbury (from nationwide conference)
look arse-nal fans are miserable after their side drew. hasn't it happen 29 times (out of 29) this season?

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