some punchbag squad content just to get a draw against shrewsbury (from nationwide conference)
look arse-nal fans are miserable after their side drew. hasn't it happen 29 times (out of 29) this season?
When combining the words ARSE and ANAL we learn how the English Premiership came up with a rather clever way to name a team ARSENAL. Like arse-anal but said together its arsenal!
Arsenal watches Chelsea take away their hopes!
by Gueethepagan May 04, 2005
Gypsy 'football'club from South London mainly consisting of mercenary French / Dutch / African players many without correct work permits. Soon to be relocating to new ground called 'The Pond' (as it will be full of frogs). support base generally consists of fast food restaurant workers, abu hamza, inbreeds and Martin Tyler.
Whilst walking through a public park used by dogs one might remark ' Look at that steaming pile of Arsenal'
by derek wilton March 31, 2004
A very average football team from Woolwich who are currently squatting in North London. Currently lying 5th in the table behind a real North London team called Tottenham Hotspur. Their star player Thierry Henry will be leaving in the summer, which means that in just over a year they will be heading to their rightful place in The Championship.
Shove it up your Arsenal
by Steve Tottenham March 22, 2006
Some shitty football team from London. Got beat by BOLTON and Man United TWICE. Chelsea are better
Arsene Wenger's got a cheeky smile. Everyone knows he's a paedophile
by Biddy March 12, 2005
A football team based in London. There is no English skill in the side what-so-ever, and the English players that they do have are just cocknet fags who dive all the time just like the foreigners. You've got no history, Arsenal. Your only "successful" recently, it won't last, just like Chelsea, can anybody name the most successful team in the history of english football who has won even more than the treble? ;)
Oh look, Henry dived, penalty. *heres your ten grand ref* he he he >:) twats.
by Capice February 02, 2005
Rather rubbish football team whose claim to fame is having a decent defence rather than a proper claim like winning 3 trophys in one season or 11 FA cups.
Manchester United are much better than Arsenal
by Billy Boy February 10, 2005
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