The Very fucked up side of North London.
1.These Arsenal fuckers play like young Sissies
by Csy May 26, 2012
Vital to any Men's Room. On the wall are the urinals to pee in; inside the stalls are the arsenals to put one's arse upon.

"If you need to do more than just piss, go inside that little cubicle where there's an arsenal waiting for you."
by al-in-chgo March 01, 2010
(n)Also known as the Devil, is a football team located in north London. They are known because Arsenal has a fame of buying the soul of young players. They are managed by Frenchman, Arsene Wenger who, like the French in many international conflicts, gives up before they are able to win any honors. Additionally, many of the players a rumored to be gay, for example goalkeeper Manuel Almunia. This has led to Arsenal and its fan hating their rivals, the Tottenham Hotspurs because they have a rooster in their team emblem.
"Arsenal just dropped 3 points. When will Arsene Wenger learn that by giving up you don't actually win.
by Epic Win~ February 20, 2010
A North London football club which enjoyed its golden age in the early 2000's when Thierry Henry was their best player and the team still played at the famous Arsenal Stadium. Unfortunately for both their long time and new trendy fans the club is miles away from the great football of the Henry era and to top it off they moved to an overpriced modern luxury suite stadium with no atmosphere. They lost the Champions League final to Barca in a game they easily could have won and now can't even qualify for the tournament.
Fan 1: Remember when Arsenal played at Highbury and Thierry Henry was lighting up the premier league and we never lost a match for the whole season?

Fan 2: At least we're not Leeds.
by Dan1828 February 28, 2009
A more extreme version of the word asshole.
If someone is being a total ass; they are so full of shit; they are a walking arsenal of shit. Yay, double play.
(as a fat guy walks around the corner in a tiny shirt)

Onlooker: "Oh man, look at this arsenal!"
by shorti aint no ho August 17, 2008
1. French team that ended up in London
2. The new way to con refs
3. Team with very good actors
Man Utd 4 : Arsenhole 2 =D
by manutdfan4life February 13, 2005
a football team that relocated from Paris to North London.
L'arsenal Football Club, ils ont perdu encore! (Arsenal have lost again!)
by International Bad Boy March 24, 2005

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