A football team from London founded in 1886. Won 13 premier leagues and dozens of other honours, famous for going a whole league season unbeaten in 2004, since the 2005 FA Cup victory though, Arsenal have not been as good, failing to win any trophies (CORRECT AS OF 2011) and losing in finals, and despite being title contenders every season they screw it up near the end of the season and end up finishing third or fourth, further trophies still remain likely in the future for this club.
Arsenal have just blown their remaining title hopes today (24/4/2011) after losing 2-1 away to Bolton Wanderers
by Keroja April 24, 2011
To start off with promise and excellence but descend into failure
I was close to winning the league, but I pulled an Arsenal
by Tutus April 06, 2014
An ass that is big, nice, and round. Commonly found on girls of African decent and the most attractive white girls. Derived from the word arse. An arsenal can be identified by its large size and perfectly round shape.
1. Beyonce has such a nice arsenal.

2. Yo bro, look at dat arsenal bounce!
by PingrySoccerTeam September 15, 2011
1. To start with promise but mess up when it really matters.
"I was going to win the league, but I pulled an Arsenal"
by Rayhaan Imam April 07, 2014
Arse. I mean the clues in the name, how hard is it to realise how crap they are . 8 years without silver wear (and no the emirates cup doesn't count) 8 dry years
Football fan 1: 147-0, what kind of shitty team could lose so badly?
Football fan 2: ...arsenal...
by Real life football October 25, 2013
The shittest football club to ever exist. Constantly losing to the likes of Norwich and Southampton. They are a joke of a club. Their manager, Arsene Wenger, had been around since the creation of the football. They have been known to rent out their trophy cabinet to the homeless, as there is ample space for up to 3 people and their belongings at once, do to the lack of success since their creation. They are robbers, as their cheapest ticket is 4 quid less than Hull's most expensive ticket. They have a "loyal" fan base known as the Gooners (not to be confused with wankers).

See also: Shit Scum Arse Twat Rubbish
Mike: Wanna hear a joke?
Dan: Yeah, sure
Mike: Arsenal
Dan: It's funny because they're shite!
by LA_Galaxy741 May 14, 2014
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