WWE's pay-per-view event that takes place in December once in the year.

boy: Armageddon is one is going to be better than WWE Judgment Day!

girl: I hope Undertaker can kick Randy Orton's ass on hell in a cell match.
by TravisRashawn December 24, 2006
1)when the world is destroyed and god kills everyone and sends them to hell except for the people who wasted their life worshipping him

2)when george w. bush and jessica simpson are put in the same room
Man 1: MTV News just said that Jessica Simpson is meeting Dubya in DC on friday.
by Muu August 30, 2004
Another word for Armageddon outta here.
Person A: This place is going to blow
Person B: Armageddon outta here y0!
by Jim Bob July 15, 2004
To take retribution on someone. To get even. To beat up, push around, or in worst cases, kill.
That punk best watch his back cause if he pushes me, I might get all Armageddon on his ass.
by Christy December 01, 2003

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