What George Bush is praying for.
You're either with us or against us
by hi i'm alphahooker November 23, 2004
A fight between God and Devil. Usually occurs at the end of the world.
I hope god wins, of course.
It will happen in year 5050. (check out my definition for 2012.)
God: I will win and recreate the earth!
People of the earth: The Armageddon is happening! YAY!
Satan: You will never defeat me!
*Satan is defeated*
God: HAHA! I can recreate the earth!
People of the earth: wait! we need air! *die*
God: *recreates earth*
LOL! Was that awesome?
by u2dvdbono August 19, 2010
The end of the world
"Ahhhh Armageddon is here!!"
by kim December 15, 2003
The act of violent anal sex, wherein the man's penis penetrates through the woman's rectal wall and enters her vagina.
I thought anal with Ryan's mom Adair was great, but then I really put some effort into it, and I was able to achieve armageddon. Unfortunately she defecated through her vagina for a week.
by pungmagic January 02, 2012
Let's face it, if any of us could become the worlds richest person, we'd probably destroy the planet with a HUGE atomic bomb that we purchased from Russia.
Armageddon is what EVERY guy secretly dreams of creating right after they become the richest man on Earth.
by Mike Hunt XXX April 13, 2010
when the world end, there has to be a threesome between Bryan, Andrew, and Marissa. crossing swords optional
>Andrew< ARMAGEDDON!!!, so madwolf, we gonna do marissa together??
>Madwolf< noooo......
by thekillaboy July 03, 2010
The time when the Great Cosmic Muffin comes down from his heavenly throne and gobbles up the universe because It has The Munchies.
Also see Death
Hey look, a gigantic baked good is coming to eat the universe. Cripes!
by Doomeyes October 21, 2003

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