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Someone who dresses and acts in a way that is constant and coherent with their personality, someone who doesn't abandon themselves to be part of a trend.
Kyra is completely anti-scene, she hasn't changed since 8th(or 7th?) grade.
by a diiiizzzzlle October 17, 2005
A agenda to make yourself not look retarted, to not become a sheep, and to not become a total fucking fagot.

"Thank God I'm Anti-Scene or else I'd be a fucking moron."
by Robert Wilsonvut June 19, 2008
Anti-Scene: People who look exactly scene/emo (fringe,gay band shirt and always rips on emo's)but mainly listen to Grindcore/Deathmetal/Blackmetal and other shit in that fashion
Hah! Anti-scene: Emo's in denial
by SxTx November 01, 2006
A trend created by people who think not following scenes will make them better than people who do follow scenes.
That kid said scenes suck, but doesn't realize that being anti-scene is pretty much being part of a scene, lol.
by JeVo July 07, 2006
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