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The absolute worst place a human being could ever work. The managers are promoted without even knowing how to be a manager, the same customers come in every fucking day (sometimes more than once), the customers order Jr. Bacons and 99 cent Crispy Chicken like it's a god damn White Castle Crave Case, it's like a high school with all the drama and stupid teenagers, and you never get a raise -- ever.

Oddly enough, for some reason it's hard to totally quit working there. People quit all the time, but seem to always come back begging for a job.

There are supposed to be eight people working per shift, but often times there will only be five.

The most irritating stations to work at are:

sandwiches - Not bad when there are two sandwich makers, but one person usually has to make sandwiches for the dining room and drive-thu all by theirself because kids call off or the schedule sucks.

front register - This sucks because you have to deal with customers and they always stare at you when they have to wait more than 20 seconds, plus no one on line is doing their job correctly.

back coordinator - It's ok until people start ordering a shit load of potatoes, chili, and salads all for the same order.

You sometimes find a couple people that are decent workers, but two people isn't enough when everyone else is sitting in the managers office talking on the phone and smoking.

Some people can walk out on the entire crew on a busy day, and still come back without any problem. If YOU are even five minutes late though, you never ever hear the end of it.

*Note - I know I am forgetting a ton of shit, but you get the picture.
Old fucking Lady: "Hey, it's 11:30. Time to head up to Wendy's like we do every other day of our fucking lives."

Weird Man: "I go to Wendy's and order the same thing every day."

Teenager 1: "Yeah, I want 4 Jr. Bacons, two no mayo, a number three, and a five piece nugget."
Teenager 2: (Sees what his friend ordered so he orders the same exact thing.)

Customer at Speaker: "Lemme have a number two."
Employee: "What size did you want your combo?"
CaS: "Huh?"
Employee: "Did you want your combo small, medium, or large?"
CaS: "Oh....ummm...normal"
Employee: "What kind of drink?"
CaS: "Do you have Dr. Pepper?"
Employee: "No, we have Mr. Pibb. It's just like Dr. Pepper."
CaS: "Oh...let me just have a Mountain Dew."
Employee: "We serve Coke products.."
CaS: "Ok then, give me an Orange."
Employee: "We don't have Orange. The closet thing we have is Hi-C Fruit Punch"
CaS: "Just give me a Coke then."
Employee: "Ok, your total is --"
CaS: "Can I get a potato instead of fries for that combo?"
Employee: (sigh) "plain or sour cream and chive?"
CaS: "I don't know.."
Employee: (freaks out and throws headset into the fryer....comes back in three months asking for a job)
by JeVo July 07, 2006
Usually referring to a persons hair that isn't groomed nor taken care of.
"That girl's hair is a rat's nest!"
by JeVo July 07, 2006
A trend created by people who think not following scenes will make them better than people who do follow scenes.
That kid said scenes suck, but doesn't realize that being anti-scene is pretty much being part of a scene, lol.
by JeVo July 07, 2006

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