A little whore who secretly wants a man to put her in her place all the time. She loves damaged men with blonde or brown hair, who know how to treat a slut rough.
I gave him 75$ to screw his angela but i know she would have done it for free cause shes such a horny slut.
by perfectlydamaged July 02, 2015
A blonde-haired girl who seems innocent but in reality is actually a horny little child. When she grows up she will likely end up taking it up the rear from every guy she ever meets.
That bitch must've been an Angela when she was a freshman in high school....
by sweatshirt69 October 19, 2013
A tall asian girl who loves Korean celebrities and is currently married to Hero, Lee Yoon, and Yejun. (Korean pop singers and one of them is in Ninja Assasin.) She loves bunnies and is obsessed with Korean music and asian dramas. She loves to have fun too.
Person 1: Who's that amazingly fun person over there?
Person 2: Oh, that's just Angela.
by KaTork January 26, 2011
A rude person who likes older men and has no respect for herself
I cant belive Angela likes 49 year olds
by Bruhh lol February 27, 2015
Risque, sexually interesting or exciting, glamorous, appealing, Tall Blonde and Radiant. Always knows how to have a great time. Can roll a 4.5 White Owl and only drives bad ass cars.
Tall, Sexy and Blonde.. she must be an Angela.
by flirtatious February 03, 2010
A big nose stinky pirate hooker who doesn't hop off your sweg
Man that girl was a Angela no doubt
by Dookyvpookerdfggf October 07, 2013
a very strange (usually brown) creature that hangs upside down in caves and makes distinctive screeching noises.
susan: oh my, what is that noise? it sounds like a dolphin. wait! can it be? it's the rare Angela!
by awhitevanbythenameofpetunia August 19, 2011

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