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Cannot be trusted. Conspires with people you are close to and keeps secrets from you. Listens to what other people tell them to do. Angela's appear to be nice but they are really just fooling you. Angela's love boys. Angela's are often fake and the lie a lot. Never trust an Angela.
That Bitch Angela listened when he said I was wrong. Dumb bitch cannot be trusted.
by emembocho November 20, 2013
a very strange (usually brown) creature that hangs upside down in caves and makes distinctive screeching noises.
susan: oh my, what is that noise? it sounds like a dolphin. wait! can it be? it's the rare Angela!
by awhitevanbythenameofpetunia August 19, 2011
A Macedonian goddess. Represents fertility and sarcasm. Some have noted that early drawings of her resemble modern day pop star, Amy Winehouse. Her Mexican counterpart is the goddess Bescudero.
Her caustic wit is a gift from the goddess Angela.
by cirwin February 02, 2010
A tall asian girl who loves Korean celebrities and is currently married to Hero, Lee Yoon, and Yejun. (Korean pop singers and one of them is in Ninja Assasin.) She loves bunnies and is obsessed with Korean music and asian dramas. She loves to have fun too.
Person 1: Who's that amazingly fun person over there?
Person 2: Oh, that's just Angela.
by KaTork January 26, 2011
The residue left on facial hair after consumption of a large and sloppy meal.
Ah ew, he wiped his angela right on his sleeve.
by angelaisawhore September 25, 2011
Risque, sexually interesting or exciting, glamorous, appealing, Tall Blonde and Radiant. Always knows how to have a great time. Can roll a 4.5 White Owl and only drives bad ass cars.
Tall, Sexy and Blonde.. she must be an Angela.
by flirtatious February 03, 2010
An interesting character that seems to be obsessed with all things pink. It is not uncommon for an Angela to surround herself with pink objects, such as drink bottles, key rings, clothing and hair accessories. They are particularly fond of red meat (medium rare so it is pink). However under no circumstances should they be given caffeine as they will go a bit la la (and become an Angielala). They will refuse all offers of hot drinks, and prefer water or vodka jelly (raspberry or strawberry of course). If more then one Angela is present in a social, educational or work environment they must be numbered. E.g. Angela 1, Angela 2, Angela 2 and so on. Otherwise they will get confused. Like a prayer is the Angela Anthem - and if this song is played in public they may perform the secret Angela/Madonna dance.
"Where did my pink insert any object here go???" "Oh an Angela probably took it."

"What should I get Angela for her birthday?" "I think a pink insert any object here would be a good idea."
by Millie Platt February 04, 2010