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A beautiful redhead w/ beautiful eyes. Angela is an excellent friend and she is hard to please but, what she wants everyone loves.All her friends are happy. All people that don't like Angela are suffering from a disease with one cure, love Angela. Angela is very talented. Angela must be spoiled in her relationships and if you' re not willing you're left to deal with lame girls. Angela's the greatest.
Boy: Man I need me an Angela to make my life right.Friend: Yeah, man cause you can't get close to my Angela, she's the greatest. example3: I wish I had Angela, my life hasn't been right without her. This flower reminds me of Angela, it is so beautiful.
by bigredbooty February 07, 2010
77 70
Angela :)
by bossman1987 December 16, 2013
5 1
a sweet girl that i like from my school, hottest asian girl ever!
a person: whos that hot asian chick?
me: thats angela, i know shes sexy
by lambbyyy May 04, 2010
76 72
A blonde-haired girl who seems innocent but in reality is actually a horny little child. When she grows up she will likely end up taking it up the rear from every guy she ever meets.
That bitch must've been an Angela when she was a freshman in high school....
by sweatshirt69 October 19, 2013
4 10
A rocking hot tamale of Philippino Loveliness.
This Girl will guarantee to make you giggle!
Dude Angela is so Fly
by tcfh84 July 06, 2011
19 29
A beautiful sexxxyyyyy hotttt girl named Angela R**** D***** (Last and middle name hidden for security reasons).... Brown eyes, Brown hair, and super super super sexxy and hott.. has an AWESOME body, an AWESOME voice, and is the greatest girlfriend in the world!!!
Man... isn't Angela just the most hottest girl in the world!!!
by The person that loves you September 12, 2011
16 28
A big nose stinky pirate hooker who doesn't hop off your sweg
Man that girl was a Angela no doubt
by Dookyvpookerdfggf October 07, 2013
1 14