An interesting character that seems to be obsessed with all things pink. It is not uncommon for an Angela to surround herself with pink objects, such as drink bottles, key rings, clothing and hair accessories. They are particularly fond of red meat (medium rare so it is pink). However under no circumstances should they be given caffeine as they will go a bit la la (and become an Angielala). They will refuse all offers of hot drinks, and prefer water or vodka jelly (raspberry or strawberry of course). If more then one Angela is present in a social, educational or work environment they must be numbered. E.g. Angela 1, Angela 2, Angela 2 and so on. Otherwise they will get confused. Like a prayer is the Angela Anthem - and if this song is played in public they may perform the secret Angela/Madonna dance.
"Where did my pink insert any object here go???" "Oh an Angela probably took it."

"What should I get Angela for her birthday?" "I think a pink insert any object here would be a good idea."
by Millie Platt February 04, 2010
snobby columbian bitch that thinks everyone else needs to grow up when she is the one that needs to! everyone hates her but she dosnt know it and if she does she gives them a gay little speech about how she dosnt care about what ppl say about her! she just needs to go back to her country!
Omg! angela is such a bitch did you hear what she said about allison! she told he she smelled bad!
by Sexyassfuckerr June 25, 2011
Similar to closet whore an angela will appear to be an innocent, organized girl who tries to run the show. This ends up giving her bitchy undertones. In reality she is a whore who believes she is too good to be a skank and therefore will look down upon public skanks.
yo she is such an angela i heard she sucked off the teacher to get straight A's
by concerned child advertiser February 28, 2010
Angela is basically the best thing on earth, an angela is bigger than the wind, the sun, and everything in between!!!!!!! they are generally obsessed with squirrels, and say meh!! very very very very very very very very often!!!!!! instead of cracker jack they use cocker jock!!!! becuz it is oooo sooooo much better!!!! They do not contain seeds!!!!! because no one likes watermelon seeds!!! (except for ugle fagot retards who wear piccachoo hats that i am totallly obsessed with ( and wear hot cheetah print!)(and carry umbrellas!!!!!!!))))) They are basically perfect-HEY DONT SHUSH ME!! EVER!!!! what are you doin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sex is a sensation
Caused by a temptation
when a guy sticks his location
in a girls destination
is that a good explanation
or do you need a demonstration!!??
by DAYUMM crackerjack! January 30, 2008
a loud mouth who cant keep her pants on! skanky whore who will date ANYBODY!
this angela chick dont have her v-card anymore!
by snowpou January 02, 2010
A Slutty Whore who thinks she's so hot and needs to get over herself.
Guy 1 : "Ohh God. She's Such A Whore"

Guy 2 : "Well Yeah. Cause She's An Angela"
by WeHateAngelaKazmierczak October 24, 2009
Gothic Vampiress of small stature from Central Europe last seen around the time of Charlemagne -780 AD. Was known to drink excessivly and when available was found sniffing "Butt", a locally found glue derivative.
Taken from Chronicles of Aktar 723-805
At once I saw her emerge from the dark a crazed Angela, driven wild from Butt sniffing and smelling of Mead.. oh and clad in black
by Heinz Fredrick September 24, 2007

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