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it means to buttfuck a duck

like that one over there it's lookin sexy...
by Matt Damon August 12, 2004
it is a state where there is no government... usually violent.
you dont need an example you idiots!
by AnArChY May 22, 2003
complete chaos. no control of the government....an idea that will never work because of all the ignorant people of the world who would mistake no rules into complete stupidity
"Hey, theres no rules!!! lets go shoot people!!"
by Rene December 21, 2003
MDP does not know anything worth shit... hes a fu*kin republican or something that asshole!
MDP has an indent instead of a prick!
by Your mama May 23, 2003
Blowing up the mother fucking world.
With teamwork. Hence "teamwork".
What's the last thing you'll hear before you die? Boom.
by Kamisama April 30, 2005
A system of government ruled by an Anarch.
The Anarch of Spain is Don Quixote
by King Anthony V of Svalbard April 06, 2005
Riiiiight, America should have Anarchy alright. Then when were all working "peaecfully" we would be weak enough to get invaded by Iran or N. Korea.
Why would anyone defend your sorry ass if it doesn't make them happy?
by Elitist February 23, 2004