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there a race so powerful they could kill you without dying or make you feel bliss.
they come in different forms

1.money grabber
takes cash out of your heart and doesnt care as much for feelings.

2.why am i with her
the ugly, bad tempered, careless, all time drawback.

3.just looks
stuning as miss world but inside as ugly as the beast himself.

4.miss perfect
caring, kind, prety, loving, doesnt ask for much.
my girlfriend is everything i have ever wanted in a form.
by werdanny August 06, 2007
a person who enjoys sexual intercourse with dead baby animals.i.e road kill kittens
omg hes raping that road kill kitten hes such an beastipedophiliac
by werdanny May 31, 2008
your significant other, girlfriend, wife .became very popular term on bebo.
jessie is my second half.i love her
by werdanny October 10, 2007
a popular reaction to episode 3 of the occult series.
omg episode 3 is such a star bores
by werdanny May 31, 2008
anarchy is an system without the system that currently blinds us from the truth. with anarchy there would be no rich people or poor people only equals.no need for money or leaders.
but anarchy does have some down points:everyone would have to work on the same level and no1 to enforce it and there would be no1 working for any1 so no1 would make any new products.
anarchy is only a dream because to many arseholes want to be boss.
by werdanny August 06, 2007

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