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The name Bruce Nolan (Jim Carrey, with all of God's powers) gives the little monkey that he makes come out of a gang member's butt in revenge of a previous beating.
"Hey, little anal-dwelling butt monkey. Time for you to go home, little buddy."
by BD August 06, 2004
An sensationably erratic monkey that upon will, explodingly emits from ones anus. A great deal of straining is required to make this magnificent creature leave its home and expel from its cave. Ineffective attempts to expel an anal dwelling butt monkey can produce the commonly known problem called hemorrhoids.
"Man he bent over to fart and out popped an anal dwelling butt monkey!"
#anal dwelling butt monkey #sea donkey #fat bottomed girls #beached whale #wildebeast
by CrazyBob62 May 13, 2006
1 A monkey that lives up someones rectum! do not attempt to interact with them.
Haha that Anal Dwelling Butt Monkey is going home dude, run man hes got his sights on your asshole.
#ass #monkey #dwelling #butt #home
by Valher November 03, 2009
A monkey that lives in someone's hind quarters. it is usually painful when they enter and exit their home, if you are their chosen nesting spot. Such behavior of monkies can be found on the film Bruce Almighty.
1. guy: Holy freak, that monkey came out of his crack!
other guy: yeah, that's an anal dwelling butt monkey.
by Jump4h June 06, 2005
A being that essentially lives in another's bum and mindlessly f*cks it, like a monkey.
Mike, who lives in St. Peters Missouri, is an Anal-Dwelling Butt Monkey.
#mike #mike arnold #arnold #anal #dwelling #butt #monkey
by CHRISxxCROSS January 05, 2009
The poor, sad primate that has been tricked or forced into one's rectal cavity. It is very common for the monkey to reside in to sphincter for up to three weeks before voluntarily coming out.
Is that an arm coming out of you ass? HOLY SHIT!! IT'S AN ANAL DWELLING BUTT MONKEY!
#butt #monkey #anal #south park #ass
by neverknew December 18, 2008
To do something stupid! That is unexpected, when in the brr
God sake, your being such an Anal Dwelling Butt Monkey, you divvy cow!!
#anal dwelling #but monkey #divvie #brrr #br #bbrrr #dweling #stoopid
by Bernard Roy Atherton June 19, 2009
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