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A pretty brunette whom has blond moments. she typically is cute shy and looks Innocent. Ambur will have a dual personality or will be a Gemini where having two personalities is normal. Knowing that Ambur will have a naughty side and will use it to her advantage. Ambur typically has the mind of a guy but the look of a girly girl.
Katie: I'm thinking of whipped cream
Ambur: All over hot guys, mmm, that be good
#ambur #pretty #brunette #shy #bold
by AmburFace July 27, 2009
A person whom is often classified as insane. Needing therpy, and obsessed with fire. The sterotypical emo girl. She is a vamp girl that is obsessed with Vampirefreaks and Myspace.
Ambur is often crazy, and scares people away
#ambur #weird #crazy #insane #vampire
by sXeFreEk613 December 07, 2006
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