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A crazy underground rapper. He raps with ppl like immortal technique. Beast ass freestyler, too.
beneath the surface
im overheatin your receiver circuits
by unleashin deeper verses
than priests speak in churches
what you preach is worthless
your worship defeaths the purpose
like president bush takin bullets for the secret service
diabolic, a one man brigade
spreadin cancer plague
fistfuckin a pussy's face, holdin a hand grenade
so if i catch you bluffin
faggot, ur less than nuthin
i just had to get that stress of my chest like breast reduction
by tumtum May 05, 2006

1. of devil: connected with the devil or devil worship

2. evil: extremely cruel or evil

That guy's diabolic; he worships the devil and likes torture.
by Jafje November 14, 2006
an evil plan to do something bad and evil
dr. evil's "Alan Parson's project," "death star"

its also in a slipknot song "pulse of the maggots"
by elijah apperson March 29, 2005
comes from the song "pulse of the maggots"
" i fight for the ones who can't fight
and if i lose at least i tried
we are the new diabolic
we are the bitter bucolic"
by elijah apperson March 29, 2005

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