A skinny girl with really big boobs.
-Is that Pam Anderson?!
-Nope, that's Allison.
#jugulars #boink #nignog #pollywog #sex
by mmm_hmmm February 28, 2009
The cutiest,hottest girl you will ever meet shy normally has dark blonde hair and brown eyes and tall also may wear glasses.Verry nice once you get to know her!
Guy 1:wow she was hot

Guy 2:yep i know thats allison
#hot #nice #sexy #awesom #lucky
by yo!yo!gangster August 18, 2011
A beautiful girl who doesn't realize how beautiful she is. She can sing and is extremely kind to everyone. Allison is a boy magnet yet knows what she wants in a guy and won't randomly just fall. When she does fall though, she falls hard and beats herself up for it. She's gorgeous and just a joy to be around. Sometimes Allison overthinks things, but that's okay because that just shows she's nervous. Strong and independent, she is a great leader. Also she's really cute when she's annoyed or nervous, she tends to stammer then and sometimes even do this adorable thing where she talks too fast.
Really if she likes you you can tell, but don't get her kindness mixed up with possible feelings. You could just be a friend. She treats everyone with the same amount of kindness. She'll blush more, or attempt to not make too much eye contact if she really likes you.
Boy 1: Woah dude, look here comes an allison.
Boy 2: Do I look okay?
Boy 3: No use everyone knows who she likes.
Boy 1: Wow you're right what an allison.
#allison #alyson #alison #allyson #beautiful #lovely #unlovely
by peopletalkalways1234 March 26, 2014
Someone who generally cares about the well being of others; she always puts herself before anyone else. When you first meet her she will sen very shy and not want to open up, but once you get to know her she will no longer be shy but more open. However, when she is open with you, she won't be so open because she still likes to keep things to herself. Allison's will never tell the person that they have a crush on that they do, because they are afraid of rejection. But when she does have a boyfriend, she will keep him forever and when they break up it won't be too bad because she will know and so will he that their time together was perfect just the way that it was. Allison's won't have too many friends, but the ones that they do will be for life. Allison's are very sensitive and a little gullible so they take everything to heart. Don't ever back stab an Allison because they are very good at tracking people down. All in all, Allison's are very lovely people and if you have the chance to meet one of them, become friends, it will be worth it.
Allison's are awesome
#allison #alison #alyson #allyson #nice
by Kitten34 December 30, 2013
The perfect girl you've dreamed of. She's amazing in practically in every way. She is gorgeous, funny, cute, intelligent, sarcastic, and very caring. You'd have to be extremely lucky to be her boyfriend; she has really high expectations from a guy and she is perfect. Allison has had her heart and trust broken before, so you will have to prove yourself in order to date her. While she is an amazing person, she's a fantastic friend and an extraordinary lover. Everyone loves to be around her and chill with her.
Allison is someone you should strive to be with. Don't shoot lower. Go big, or go home!
#perfect #amazing #beautiful #cute #sweet
by Kshark July 01, 2014
Allison is a beautiful, funny, smart, loving, and caring girl. She has beautiful blue eyes, and blonde hair. She's the kind of girl you want to give everything up for her. She's easy to talk, and comfortable to be around. She'll always be your best friend and have your back. She cares about your feelings and doesn't want to stress you out. You'll fall for her the first time you talk, and once you do you'll never look at another girl the same. She makes you want to do anything for her, and always make her happy. But she doesn't think very highly of herself, even though she's the most perfect girl ever. She may not realize it but if a guy ever feels her love he'll never feel anything else like it. It's so special no other girl could ever come close.
I love you Allison<3
#beautiful #amazing #special #one of a kind #girlfriend
by Isy_14 January 24, 2014
Allison who often goes by the nickname Allie, is an absolutely stunning girl. She has a killer smile that makes everyone's day better. Allison is also very funny and has a great sense of humor. She is smart and extremely cute. Any guy would be super lucky to have her, but she is taken. Which is disappointing to many guys. Allison also causes a lot of jealousy from both girls and boys. Girls are jealous of her beauty and personality, while guys are jealous that their girlfriends aren't as amazing. Although Allison is as close to perfect as humanly possible she can also be a complete dork at times but everyone still loves her.
Guy 1) Hey who is that beautiful girl over there?

Jiordy) That's Allison she's already taken though.

Dan) Sorry man, that's MY baby girl.

Guy 1) You're so lucky.

Dan) I know, I'm the luckiest man alive.
#baby girl #beautiful #stunning #allie #dork
by Dan&Allie<3 March 15, 2014
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