An amazing girl who is beautiful but doesn't know it. She is very shy when you first meet her but when you become her friend it's impossible to quiet her. Allison is awkward and hilarious. She is nice to everyone.
Girl 1: I just met Allison today. She's so quiet!
Girl 2: Just wait. She isn't quiet with her friends.
by RogerTheHouseplant June 08, 2014
The prettiest girl you ever met, she is so sweet, and so funny, she will always listen to what you have to say, and wont ever be mean to you, she can be sarcastic a lot tho.
you are a lucky guy if you even know a girl named allison!
man, did u see Allison today?
yeah i had to wash out my eyes, shes so hot she burned them!
by swagmasterdd June 21, 2014
Allison often goes by the nickname Allie. She is an absolutely stunning girl. She has a killer smile that makes everyone's day better. Allison is also very funny and has a great sense of humor. She is smart and extremely cute. Any guy would be super lucky to have her, but she is taken. Which is disappointing to many guys. Allison also causes a lot of jealousy from both girls and boys. Girls are jealous of her beauty and personality, while guys are jealous that their girlfriends aren't as amazing. Although Allison is as close to perfect as humanly possible she can also be a complete dork at times but, everyone still loves her.
Guy 1) Hey who is that beautiful girl over there?
Guy 2) That's Allison, she's already taken though.
Dan) Sorry man, that's MY baby girl.
by Danash321 March 14, 2014
The hottest most smartest and nicest person but when you treat allisons the wrong way they can be a total beeyotch
Allison you are awesome.
by Awesome_Allison April 26, 2015
Looks innocent but is actually kinky as fuck.
Girl 1:oh look it's Allison! She's such a innocent girl-I absolutely love her!
Guy 1: she is but that's not what her boyfriend told me.
by Luna are beautiful June 28, 2015
Sweet at first, but will fuck you over. She'll throw her cat any guy who wants it and puts dicks before chicks. Apparently, she's always got to be right and honesty doesn't matter in her dull and judging eyes. She'll only be buddy buddy with you to get you on her side and to seem way more popular than she really is. She hates on her friends and is secretly jealous of them. She's a bully and will put herself before you. Don't trust an Allison.
Guy: What's her problem?
Girl: She's an Allison.
by Coopwin August 11, 2015
A beautiful beastly girl. One who has brains yet no common sense. One that is in sports year round who pitches and loves boys.
ALLISON is a funny person,lets hangout.
by janky son February 09, 2010

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