When you meet her you will glance twice and possibly stare. She is beautiful, intelligent, hilarious, and awesome at the exact same time which is difficult to pull off. She's not afraid to start a conversation at any time about anything. Execptional at following the rules of the car and always up-to-date with the most useless and interesting facts. She is small but violent so be careful with what you say to her. She's an angel one moment and your worst enemy the next but she does it out of love and because she loves a change of pace. She has a huge heart to compensate for her lack of height and she can tell you anything about Poland or Russia even though she's really Canadian. If she is having a bad day it means she misses her best friend or she just wants some gatorade. She's a great friend to trust and to have by your side so don't pass up the opportunity to meet someone really awesome.
--Hey, Allison doesn't look very happy today
-She will be once she has her gatorade!

--She looks like she wants to hurt me but say or do something funny at the same time...
-Yeah, that's Allison for you

--Do you know anyone that helps save people?
-Doctors, lawyers, firefighters... oh, and of course Allison..
She's a lifeguard!
by 2awesome4you November 17, 2010
one of the sweetest girls you could ever find.
either very tall or very short.

she is so humble and rarely speaks bad about anyone.

she never hurts people's feelings.

she is the bestest friend you could ever ask for!!!
person 1: who is your best friend?
person 2: Allison ♥
person 1: LUCKY!!! :(
by itsjustmeLex December 18, 2010
THE coolest girl around. An Allison is super beautiful and has many talents. And she's one of those girls you can go completely ballistic with and she won't care. All the guys love Allison, and she has about a million friends. Also, Allisons always have very nice hair.
Guy1: hey bro did you ever notice how amazing Allison is?
Guy2: uh, of course! And her hair is frickin awesome!
by Catsanddogs101 February 10, 2013
a beautiful girl that doesn't even know it. The more you get to know her, the more you fall in love with her. Having a crush on her and then having your heart broken is just something that every guy has to go through. She's smart and will push you to do your best. She's a total goody-2-shoes but it just makes you want her more. The guy that is lucky enough to get with her will be one lucky dude. the perfect and hot.
new 1: my goal is to get with her by graduation
guy 2: that's Allison
guy 1: so
guy 2: so did you turn into a Kennedy
by itsreallyenterating February 09, 2013
An amazing woman with a beautiful personality, and great sense of humor. A woman defined by brains, beauty, class, and membership in the upper echelons of society. She can be hard to understand at sometimes, but she will always explain. Any man should be honored to know a girl named Allison. Stunning, and full of beauty. Essentially "gets" everyone, and excepts each individual. Bubbly , outgoing, sweet, caring, honestly an honor to be around. Different from everyone else. Beautiful on the inside and outside, in many ways. Having Allison around is amazing, for her personality will light up a room in seconds. Can turn a boring conversation, into an eye popping discussion. Professional , elegant, but still fun and not always completely serious. Don't take her for granted, because you never know when she will go.
"Allison will always complete the empty space in a room"
by Knownenimosity November 23, 2011
the best girl you could ever meet. one of a kind, always smiling and has a beautiful quietness about her. So funny to those who know her. Gentle and kind to those who don't. a spirit wanting to be free of this world and to live in the next. A sweet girl who will always put a smile on your face or she'll just play you a song on her guitar. She is so talented.
Person 1: "You see that girl? She seems so nice"
Person 2: "Yea she's such an Allison"
by silentlion September 05, 2010
Allison is the most beautiful girl in the room no matter who is in there. She's so fly other girls hate on her, but it's all jealousy. Shes shy when you first meet her, but once you get to know her your glad you did, shes hilarious. The type of girl everyone wants to be around. All the guys think shes super sexy and she is!
Guy 1: Dayumm Whos that sexy beast over there!!
Guy 2: Oh that must be Allison! Shes Hott!!
Guy 1: Hell ya she is!
Guy 2's Gf: Are you agreeing with him?? Ugh i Hate her!! Why the hell is she so pretty!
Guy 2: What ever its over hoe, maybe i have a chance with Allison <3
by 12345ilubbjew6789 March 31, 2011

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