A girl that is super smart and often an asshole (if need be) to get her point across. She's pretty awesome, vertically challenged, but nonetheless beautiful. They hate cheaters and liars, but love pizza.
That super hot freak bitch just called me a dickhead!

I bet she is an Allison.
by Callie Beckham January 07, 2012
1. Craziest girl when it comes to sex
2. Is the best bestfriend you can ever ask for.
3. Has the prettiest faces and knows how to have a good time ;)
The girl i brought home last night was soo good she was like allison!
by Barbie Lean February 22, 2011
A really short girl with brunette hair with A TON of blonde highlights...natural of course! She isn't EVER fake and absolutely HATES fighting with people. She seems innocent but she can kick your bootie(: She is artistic and spastic sometimes(: she has been through a lot of crap...but always puts a smile on her face and helps others. She loves to act and just do whatever. She loves animals and can be hippie like. (:
Kelley- "Have you met Allison?"
Maria- "The short funny one?!"
by ShankySpanky September 17, 2011
Allison is a super cool girl. She's SUPER intelligent and has a bit too much common sense. Almost to the point of obnoxious, she sometimes gets into everyone's business trying to help them out. She has many many (many many) issues of her own and probably has a pretty fucked up past. Her family is broken, but she lets that information stay private. She's very willing to help others, especially her best friends. She's often extremely stressed out and doesn't know how to handle it. Her favorite colors are red and yellow. She tries to always be happy, but it's sometimes hard. She loves her family more than anything, and would do anything for them.
Girl1: Wow, I can't believe she was so nice to me!
Girl2: Well, she is Allison
by lepetitpapillon121 May 31, 2011
A sexy ass girl who loves to have fun and is the nicest girl you'll ever meet. Shes lovable and is usually the girl everyone is most jealous of. Usually most compatable with mexicans name Edgar!
Boy 1 :Damnnnnnn that girl is fineee!
Boy 2: Yeah that fine piece of ass is Allison.

Edgar: Back off bro shes mine!
by nevadasunnie February 21, 2012
The most gorgeous and amazing girl in the world! So beautiful she competes in beauty pageants and wins all the time, Very funny and layed back about everything, usually super short with blond hair and blue eyes.
Shes so gorgeous her name must be Allison
by Garrett N August 11, 2010
i love this chickkkk(: shes my biffle. shes sooo freaking pretty and like one of the the nicest people you will ever meettttt
by herbiffle April 18, 2011

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