A creature from another planet. It doesn't have to be a smart one. Unlike the lies that media bullshit tells you, aliens would NOT look like us, they would look completely different, so that they could adapt with the conditions on their planet. Also, just because we are carbon-based doesn't mean that they are.
Aliens are not like us at all, except for the fact that they live.
by Theaphelia September 13, 2003
In 1979 Ridley Scott directed one of the most famed sci-fi horror movies to grace the silver screen. The name of the movie was 'Alien'.
(By the way, the date isn't '2037', that was simply the computer interface number, the real and actual date for the film is June, 2122)
The film kicks off when a commercial Starship Nostromo recieves a extraterrestrial signal coming from a strange planet, and when the crew go to investigate one of the crewmembers gets infected with a type of spider like sex organ attached to his face. The thing eventually comes off and dies and the weary Astronaut seems fine, at least for the moment until they are rejoining and having dinner, that's where things go wrong; He gags, he screams, and a monster bursts out of his ribcage and gets loose on the ship. One by one, the crew starts to dissapear until only a sole survivor, Warrent Officer Ellen Ripley, is left alive.
FAN: Dude did you see Alien?
FAN#2: Hell yeah that movie rocks.
by caffeine4671 February 13, 2006
A swagg that is so unique but hard to get to. Something everyone wants to dress like but can not acheieve at the point in time.
yo look at this guy ive never seen that outfit i wonder where i can get it. hes a alien
by kidrobot 72 February 12, 2009
something that exists on europa and at area 51. Living things from another planet. Also people from a different country.Yea. but in 1960 there was a ufo crash (yes a lot of those videos are fake but some have yet to be proven wrong) in new mexico and a guy got some crazy footage, but the government took it all away and the guy mysteriously died (government killed him). Also an f16 in isreal chased one but the f16 vanished... also another case in which a pregnant lady claimed to have been abducted, and lost the baby and became not pregnant... then 8 years later she saw the daughter in a ufo. You cant make up losing your pregnancy. yea well anyway there are too many planets to not have there be life anywhere else. why do you think area 51 has a zone where if you pass it you get shot? and they have soldiers that blend in with the ground and mountains
Illegal aliens came to America.

Aliens from other planets have came in contact with humans.
by Alex14 June 19, 2006
1. Being's from another planet. (can be intelligent beings, animals, plants, or small organism's)
2. People in a country illegally.
3. Something that is foriegn to another something...or something what ever.
4. Something from another planet.
Beavis: Hey Butthead, do you believe in aliens?
Butthead: Uhhhhhh, I believe in illegal aliens.
Beavis: Yeah me too. I think they are causing a rise in population and prices, economy.. or something.
Butthead: Quit trying to act smart. Dumbass.
Beavis: Hkuhuuhk
Butthead: Hkuhuuhk
by Rusty Shakelfurd August 24, 2006
Little people, similar looking to Oompa Loompas, except with 5 extra arms and are capable of shape shifting. In ancient times they came to populate earth, and to achieve this, they killed all dinosaurs, However later on they were scared off by Jesus. In recent years, they have returned, abandoning one of their own here in disguise as Justin Bieber.
Yeah, They were killed by the same aliens who brought us Justin Bieber!
by VoldemortFearsMe December 20, 2010
someone that's not from yo hood
Wasup cuddie who that alien right thereR
by terrellie May 15, 2006

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