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to feel confused outdated or not of this world feeling down or depressed
boy :hey jen was up
girl:I dont know i feel alien
by tyler tennant April 25, 2008
Adjective. Something strange and unfamiliar or inexplicable.
Josh: You ate 15 twinkies in a minute?

Jeff: (mouth full, nodding)

Josh: That is fuckin aliens!
by Jeff Stumpf May 08, 2008
by smokydank January 09, 2010
Cool kids in Simi Valley, CA. They are usually amazing artists and get the snootch all the time. They are from the vpl.
ey did you see that alien over there? yeah he's really sexy. I know!
by t3ll3z April 15, 2010
a kid you hook up with but then find out he is weird and freakish. he jumps on ur friends, cleans things with his shirt off, molests males, and is bipolar.

avoid at alll costs.
that kids reallly hot....

yeah he was until i realized he was an alien
by hhkajbsfkjabsfk July 11, 2010
An uncircumcised penis.
She saw an alien...probably not an extra-terrestrial.
by original biznatch May 31, 2009
alien is a type of word that is a thiing fron out of space
alan witch means alien
by jones122333 March 28, 2009