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The most gorgeous girl you'll ever meet! Alexis has the most beautiful smile you'll ever see and will light up any room instantly. Her big smile and beautiful big glimmering eyes will brighten you up on the worst days. She is known for her amazing boobs! Everyone, including girls, can't stop staring at them! Shes an amazing kisser and super amazing in bed. Guys will easily fall in love with her. If she falls in love with you, don't let her go, she'll make an amazing wife. Shes one of a kind just like a precious jewel. Alexis's are usually very thoughtful, loving, sweet, honest, wise, sensitive, and have a great sense of humor. You'll always laugh around an Alexis. Her laugh is unforgettable. Alexis's are usually very happy and laugh all the time. Some may mistaken her for a dumb blonde but dont underestimate her, she will be very successful one day. They are very energetic and one of the most bubbly people you'll ever meet. She's always the life of the party. Alexis's have expensive taste, but dont worry shes not a golddigger. Girls are jealous of her and wish they were her, which is understandable because she can get any guy she wants and is dead drop gorgeous.
Guys- Damn Alexis is soo sexy! I'd but a ring on that in a heartbeat!
by Sarah Hayes December 11, 2012
The most beautiful young lady EVER. She has an amazing sense of humor and likes to speak in an australian accent... She is very mature and smart. She is loved by many. Oh and she thinks her nose is big, but it is adorable.
I am in love with an Alexis.
by King of the little bears August 16, 2011
One of the awesomest people you will ever meet. Guys drool over Alexis. She's funny, hot, nice, and awesome. Everyone loves Alexis. She has lots of friends. Smiles and laughs a lot! She can also sing and dance beautifully!
guy#1: dang it! I wish Alexis was available!
guy#2: She's so amazing! Any guy would be soooo lucky to date her!
by hahaha143143 July 21, 2011
Alexis is beautiful girl who lives life to the fullest. She has hard times but always has a smile on her face. She cares about everyone and puts them first. Loves animals and kids. Dates the guy that's perfect for her. Your lucky if you know a Alexis
Alexis is so perfect
by TheirBestFriend March 09, 2013
She's unique. You'll love her. If you're her boyfriend, and you be a dick to her, she'll bite back. She's not your average pussy girl, who whines in the corner when you make a few smart remarks. When you make silly meaningless arguments, she'll argue back. She's got the nicest eyes, and will make the most adorable faces. Don't let that fool you though. If you're a man and you don't like sniping back smart remarks, Alexis is not the girl for you. You pussy. Yeah, she can be nice too. She'll listen to you, compliment you, and will often make your day when she talks to you. She's a bit naive, but really smart. She's got the best body too. She is not perfection, she's a motherfucking goddess, even in the mornings. You can send lovey-dovey letters to her all you want, but she'll keep things real with you. I mean, who needs a disney-tale relationship when you can have someone real? If your girlfriend is Alexis, keep her, like she's the most valuable thing you've known. She is a kudelblitz (Scientific definition: Something so hot that it is beyond the hotness scale)
"Damn, have you seen that girl named Emma?"
"Yeah, bet you're still jealous she's nothing like my Alexis."
by Nilso1994 October 03, 2013
Usually the happy one, always talkitive. loves to dance when she hears music, has a cute laugh. and an amazing smile. Neither short nor tall and is truly beautiful. Usually a great kisser with a great ass, and thinks bj's are nasty. she can brighten a day up for anyone. She is serious but she can hang with the guys. She keeps secrets extremely well, and she is very loyal. A great speller, extremely intelligent, and everything you would want in a girl. She is also very hard to keep. If you are lucky enough to get her and she loves you, give that girl a ring!
Alexis is perfect
by LovelyLadyyGwell May 09, 2013
alexi is a popluar name for a boy in russia. very sweet always putting peoples needs before his. extrememly smart, outgoing and very athletic. nicest guy youll ever meet. flirts a lot. is loved by many. doesnt like to be hated. he is a whore, but not a douchebag. likes to try new things and travel around, doesnt like to stay in one spot for a long time.
wow hes like everyones dream guy, such an alexi.
by nahhdoe123 August 15, 2011