Usually the happy one, always talkitive. loves to dance when she hears music, has a cute laugh. and an amazing smile. Neither short nor tall and is truly beautiful. Usually a great kisser with a great ass, and thinks bj's are nasty. she can brighten a day up for anyone. She is serious but she can hang with the guys. She keeps secrets extremely well, and she is very loyal. A great speller, extremely intelligent, and everything you would want in a girl. She is also very hard to keep. If you are lucky enough to get her and she loves you, give that girl a ring!
Alexis is perfect
by LovelyLadyyGwell May 09, 2013
Is just a great girl to be around. Shes cute, funny, has a great bod, and can light up a room as soon as she walks in. Also she's a great girlfriend, like mine ;) <3
Guy 1: Wow that chicks hot!!!!!!
Guy 2: Of course, she's an Alexis.
by Kenblockfan43 April 12, 2012
A very beautiful girl with perfect lips, eyes, and smile. They are usually tall with brown/green eyes and brown hair. Alexis's are very athletic but beautiful enough to be a model. Alexis's are very smart and focus on sports and school. She also has the perfect personality that makes her eligible to be friends with anyone. She attracts all of the boys, and makes other girls jealous. Not to mention, Alexis's have nice butts and very fit body's. Afterall, Alexis's are one of the most perfect girls out there. They are beautiful, smart, athletic, trustworthy, and friendly... A person everyone falls in love with
by anon1235 October 14, 2013
Originated in Greece this traditionally male name is now also used for girls in the English-speaking world and has been since the early 90's. In modern Greece it remains a male name. It also means "Defender".
Dude: Hey dude, what was your name again?

Alexis: Oh, my name is Alexis.

Dude: Umm isnt that a girls name dude?

Alexis: *beats the living shit out of dude*
by aGuyNamedAlexis March 17, 2013
Alexis has a lot of inner beauty that covers her outer look. She can make you smile and is very smart. Alexis can be a bitch with her nasty mood swings, one second she is nice and the next she is all hateful. Doesn't make the best of friends but a sweet person to be around. Alexis tends to hide her true feelings when she feels inferior or unhappy. Can be emocional even when you don't see it. Is obsessed with THAT GUY (</3) She can keep it that way forever until she gets what she wants. She has potential and a body even if she doesn't see it.
Guy1: That girl seems like a bitch
Guy2: Nah, it's just an Alexis
Guy1: O that makes sense
by Deepdramamama March 05, 2014
Alexis is the most gorgeous girl but doesn't believe she is. She is insecure about her body, and worries about how people look at her. She is full of love but can't find the right guy. she is understanding, funny, and caring. She had been threw alot do she knows alot of good advice and on top of that she is usually right. She is kind but can easily be upset. She likes to feel important and be told she is beautiful when she thinks it's not true. She is great in bed once you get her there. She has a beautiful smile but hates it. She likes to party and have a good life. She can be shy but when she knows you she will love you and make you drool. An Alexis is a very good cuddle buddy. Once you have an Alexis never let her go because she may but come back.
Person: Whose that?
Me: My beautiful, wonderful, caring, sexy, girl friend.

Person: Whoa you got yourself an Alexis.
by Clerkin420 August 19, 2014
alexi is a popluar name for a boy in russia. very sweet always putting peoples needs before his. extrememly smart, outgoing and very athletic. nicest guy youll ever meet. flirts a lot. is loved by many. doesnt like to be hated. he is a whore, but not a douchebag. likes to try new things and travel around, doesnt like to stay in one spot for a long time.
wow hes like everyones dream guy, such an alexi.
by nahhdoe123 August 15, 2011

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